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Windshield Vent

I used a Dremel cutting wheel to cut out the vent.  I first made a pattern on the shield using masking tape and made multiple measurements to insure it was centered and of the size/shape I wanted.  I made sure the vent was low enough that it wouldn't affect the shields rigidity.  The vent had to be BELOW the highest mounting screw on the shield. Once I was positive I had it marked where I wanted it, I went to work with the Dremel. I did not try to cut all the way through the shield in one pass.  My first pass went about 1/3 of the way through the shield.  I then went back over the cut two or three more times until I was all the way through.

Once it was all cut out I fabricated a hinge out of a flap of semi flexible rubber I had lying around.  It was about 1/8 inch thick or so.  I fastened the rubber flap to the cutout piece and the windshield using small screws and nuts and I also put a small "back plate" behind the screws made out of aluminum. The back plate serves to clamp the rubber flap between itself and the Plexiglas. It can not be seen in the photo.

On the new one I made last night, I took a tip tie and "welded" a small nail to the tab on the zip tie head that acts as the "lock".  I then cut off the head of the zip tie (with the nail welded on it) and used hot melt glue to attach it to the upper edge of the vent I cut out.  The other portion of the tip tie I attached to the windshield at the upper edge of the cutout so that it pointed straight back toward the driver.  Next I inserted the zip tie through the zip tie head glued to the vent door.  This way the zip tie controls how much the vent door open.   And to open it more, I simply push on the nail I welded to the zip tie head to release the zip ties "lock".  Now I can open the door as much or as little as I want as well as close it all the way.

You will notice in the photo I previously used fishing line to control the door opening, but I like the zip tie technique better.  It is easier to control and I can adjust it while riding.

You will also notice I covered the opening with black trim. I had some of this left over from one of my previous 86 Concours.  They used to come with this black trim mounted on the stock windshield.  I think now they use a clear trim.

I must mention that I have not been real impressed with the quality of the new Targa shields.  I had to buy a new one recently to replace the one from the accident and the first one I got had all sorts of granular "junk" stuck on the surface that wouldn't come off.  I called them and had them send me a new one.  The second one didn't have the granules on it, but it was all scratched (hazed, swirl marks) right out of the box.  To add insult to injury Targa raised their price on this shield from $40 to $60 in the last couple of years.  Two out of two shields from them have had minor defects. I just gave up and kept the best one and sent the other back.  I used to swear by Targa shields and found them to be just the right size (for me) and virtually indestructible.  However, now I think they have some quality issues they need to correct.

Article By: Fred Harmon

August 2001

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