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Installing Skip Holton Tipover Bars

I seem to recall that Skip was warning purchasers of his tipover bars that they were meant for zero mph tipovers. They are not designed to protect your body or bike at any speed other than dead stop. However, I have read of at least one rider whose ass and bike were spared by using them while going down at speed.

The front bars are the more complicated to install. I started with the rear so I could get used to the instructions and the product.

Start by removing the bag antler ( technically called a "stay" according to Buykawasaki's parts diagrams.) I think if you follow the instructions completely this may not be necessary. But, I found this part of the instructions pretty fuzzy, especially considering how simple the job was.

Many rider use a C-clamp to clamp the antler to the bracket and rubber bumper on the frame. Later, I heard of a few who drilled the antler and through bolted them. The latter is what guided me.

Start by removing the rubber bumper that used to park itself in this hole. It's easier to remove the bracket first. Put a little bit of Lock-tite on the bolts before you put them back in.

Remove the muffler mounting bolt. You'll be reusing the nut & bolt.

Reinstall the antler and be sure to use a little Lock-tite on the bolts.

Drill a hole just about dead center in the antler tab as shown. A center punch is nice and start with a 1/8" drill. Then finish it off with a 5/16" drill. The bars will flex enough that perfection isn't necessary, but it's always nice. The hole in the steel bracket in behind is much larger so lining things up isn't an issue.

Skip supplies the nuts, bolts, and washers. However, the 2 piddly ass (PA) little washers really aren't up to the job for the larger hole in the steel bracket. I replaced one of the PA washers with a stainless steel fender washer as shown. Same size hole but much larger outside diameter. Much more up to the job in my opinion.

The next step just doesn't get any easier. Just stick the bolts through the Skip bars and run the nuts home.

The left side is the same as the right. I did have a problem on the left side in that the length of the upper tube seems to have been cutoff about 1/4" too short. The bolt and nut will squeeze it together but I really don't like to do that. It can put a strain on things and something may just decide to snap. Have you ever noticed that it's the expensive stuff that tends to snap first ? See that lower aluminum mount? What do you want to bet that it's a lot more expensive than the upper steel bracket.

Article By: David J. Morrow

 Updated January 2005

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