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Regulator Replacement

Just about every repair job comes with a story and a bit of grass roots sleuthing. This one is fairly typical.

Hey Dave- since I’ve used so much of your info/ tech tips over the past several years I thought it was about time to send something useful back your way, by the way thanks for all the great tips sure has kept me away from the thieven dealer and helped me fix things myself at a fraction of the cost.

Well enough of the blah blah blah, a couple of weeks ago my voltage regulator took a dump and took the battery to the grave with it. So I pulled the old one out and took the meter to it just like the service manual said to, to no avail, she was a goner. So I went to see my local smartass dealer and about had a heart attack when he told me the regulator would be $278.49. Maybe you didn’t understand me buddy I don’t want a new generator just a voltage regulator and an aftermarket one if ya got it. Then he tells me they haven’t ever nor will they ever make an aftermarket regulator, and the price quoted was just for the regulator- well all I got to say is incompetent slack jawed dumb ass- ya just lost my business. (At this point it looked like the bike was going to be in the garage for quite a while before I was going to fork over that kind of dinero for such a small cheesy plastic part.) So I searched all over town and the lowest dealer price was $246.98.

Then low and behold I found someone with a brain who sounded somewhat competent over the phone so I went down to the generic aftermarket motorcycle parts dealer and sure enough the little wiz kid actually found one. An bless this wise soul he only wanted $74.95, I almost bought everyone in the shop a beer to celebrate, Not! Well like I said earlier its been several weeks since then and everything worked out great an I got the ole scooter runnin like a dream again. Attached document is a scan of the instructions sent with the new part and seemed to work out just fine.

  The aftermarket dealer is: Rick’s Motorsport Electronics Inc., their in-house P/N is 30-502 and vender P/N KNVR1056, with a list price of $74.95 verses dealer price of $246.98. Quoted price included shipping and I received the part within several days.

The original part has soldered contacts and a sealed case regulator and the new part has crimped on terminal ends on short pieces of wire, (seemed to work out just fine), and a semi-sealed circuit board instead of a case. The only deviation to their instructions I thought necessary was to put a dab of high temp electrical RTV on the new wires to keep them in place and keep them from floppin around next to the spinning shaft, just call it paranoia.

Well here goes nothing hope the graphics goes through clear enough and this helps someone else. If ya need more info just drop me a line. And keep my e-mail address off the posting. Thanks again for all the good info-  Eric  

And our very own Murph is an Electrex dealer. Give him a shout.

The regulator is part number 21066 below

Article By: Eric "X"

August 2005

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