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Murph's Stainless Steel Screw Kits

Unsung Hero's:
While the 6pot calipers are my favorite mod, and there are a lot of other greats mods like the 7th gear unit I brag about, Murph's Screw Kit is definately the unsung hero on my Connie. When I first got it in 2005 with only 5K miles on it, many of the stock screws where already stripped. The belly pan was missing a one of the fairing u-nuts, etc.

Since installing Murphs Screw Kit I have had the plasic off this thing so many times I couldn't count them all. Not a single problem with these. None lost, none stripped, none rusty or crappy looking, etc. These things just keep going and going. I would have probably gone through a ton of stock screws and been pissed off more than once at them. These things just keep doing their job. Time after time. The unsung hero's of the Connie World.

My Original Write Up:
There are several things that prompted me to order up these kits and do this. First was the rear rack and back rest bolts were rusty. They didn't look to bad, but I did not like the rusty ones on there. Next I went to change the oil and to do this you have to remove the lower fairing. I noticed that one of the fairing u-bolts were missing. I also noticed for such a new bike, quite a number of the screws were stripped. Turns out these factory black phillips screws are really soft metal. Does not take much to strip these.

  • Basic Fairing Kit - Included in the Deluxe Kit
  • Tank and Master Cylinder Kit - Included in the Deluxe Kit
  • Clamp Kit  - Included in the Deluxe Kit
  • Fairing U-bolts - Must Have
  • Side Cover Knobs - Must Have
  • Black Rack and Rest Kit
  • Antler Bolts Kit
  • Peg Kit
  • Black Retro Kit ( unnecessary )
  • Carburator Screw Kit ( maybe while doing the carbs )

The black deluxe kit includes the basic fairing kit, tank and master cylinder kits, and clamp kit all in one package. This is the place to start. The black rack and rest kit got rid of my rusty bolts, thank you! The antler bolts are probably not necessary, but I got them anyway. I ordered one of everything. Fairing u-bolts are nice. The factory ones are prone to getting lost. I have not lost one of these in 4 years now. And its been off a bunch. 

The retro kit is a duplicate of what's already on the basic fairing kit. According to Murph's website it says the retro kit is for use with the original Murphs screw kit.

After changing the rear shock oil to 15W oil, I noticed I was missing a few bolts here and there. So I ordered up the Peg Kit from Murph to put back some of the missing hardware and upgrade at the same time.

Article By: Slybones

November 2009

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