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Renewing Your Tank With POR-15

From COG Digest #2502 April 3, 2001

I asked the question on the list and I received about 10 recommendations for the POR-15 product and about 20 recommendations against the Kreem product.  Isn't this list cool?  The process is amazingly easy.  Three steps:

1.  Marine Clean - This product basically gets the tank ready for metal prep.  It cleans away any sludge/grime/dirt/mud/cigarette butts/small animals that may have been stuck in your tank.  It really works.  The directions say to put in the entire bottle of marine clean and add about a quart of hot water.  I rigged up a small piece of aluminum to seal the petcock hole and just closed the tank with the gas cap.  I then let it sit for 24 hours, agitating the tank (shook it) every so often.  I then rinsed it out with water and dried it completely with a shop vac.

2.  Metal Prep - This stuff is cool.  Not only does it get rid of all rust in your tank, but you can re-use it, too!  For this stage, all you do is dump the whole bottle in and agitate.  You can leave the stuff in there for between 2 and 24 hours, I almost split the difference and went for about 10 hours.  I then drained/strained the liquid back into the original bottle and barely rinsed it out.  The instructions say to not use too much water in the rinse as you may wash away the zinc coating.  When it dries, you'll see absolutely no rust and a white powdery film.

3.  Coating - This step is easy.  Just pour it in and roll the stuff around inside.  After being relatively sure that I coated every single square inch of surface, I removed the petcock hole cover and drained it as best I could. Getting as much of the coating out as possible takes quite a bit of patience. When I was relatively sure I couldn't get any more liquid out, I propped the tank up and walked away.  Every so often, I would switch the tank's position to prevent pooling of any excess coating.  When I was sure that the substance wasn't running anymore, I put the tank in a corner and forgot about it.  The instructions say to leave the tank alone for up to 96 hours to let it cure properly.  I won't be using the tank for a while, so my tank will get about two weeks of non-use before I pour gas in it.  By the way, the kit also comes with a little paint brush.  I used it to make sure all of the filler neck was covered as well as the metal portions of the gas cap.

The final result is a tank that looks absolutely brand new on the inside.  I'm amazed at how easy the whole process was, and at about 30 bucks shipped for the kit, it's a great deal.  Obviously, I have no idea as to it's longevity, but other folks have had great success with the product.  I'll keep my fingers crossed.  I should note that my experience was with a YSR50 gas tank, which is a lot smaller than the Concours tank.  The coverage on the larger tank should be OK, but the place where I ordered it from mentioned that it might be a good idea to purchase a little extra just in case.  I think the official spec says that the standard kit is good for a tank with up to eight gallons capacity.

I think Jim already provided the link, but here it is again:

I hope this was helpful.  Take care!
Mike Wolf
Folsom, CA, COG #2904/A

 Article By: Mike Wolf

August 2001 

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