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Pingle Petcock Replacement

The following sounds worse than it really was.  Total time to start the conversion process was about one hour from tank off to tank on and start up.

Anyway, here's the deal on the Pingel - it has OFF - RESERVE - ON, with OFF fully forward and ON fully aft.  A Cogger gave me some info on Pingel Enterprise, Inc.
2072 11th Avenue
Adams, WI 53910


I spoke with Todd, sent Pingel a diagram of the Connie tank and petcock accompanied by hole / slot dimensions and photographs of my disassembled tank. These apparently were of great help to Todd, and after walking through his superb Pingel catalogue, I ordered a new Pingel Fuel Valve, adapter plate, fuel line, and Pingel SS Chrome Filter. The info is:

Pingel Fuel Valve 3/8 NPT Vertical Groove design: #4211-CG ($68.40)

Adapter Plate: #A1702C 3/8 1.732/44mm ($10.00)
Fuel Filter SS Chrome: #SS1C ($23.70)  (Not needed - this was just a "nice-to-have)  
Two feet of #516 Translucent Yellow Fuel Line ($1.50/foot for $3.00 total -one foot is plenty enough)

Warning!  Before proceeding, YOU MUST EMPTY AND PURGE THE GAS TANK OF ALL FUEL / VAPORS!! I evacuated the tank's trapped fuel with a MityVac, then used a garden hose and water to purge the tank three times. Because I had already treated my tank three years ago with Kanter's fuel tank treatment, I was good to go. Otherwise, one runs the risk of introducing additional rust in the tank. Lord knows we don't need any more.
Todd forgot to include a vacuum cap for the soon-to-be-discarded petcock vacuum valve hose, but I had a spare cap lying in the old tool box. The above items are straight bolt-on items with the following modification (the reason for purging the tank) - you must enlarge the oval-shaped opening where the old petcock standpipes / screen insert. I first bolted on the adapter plate, marked the exact center of the needed enlargement, removed the plate, then used my handy Dremel tool to grind away that part of the oval to a circular section for the new valve's fuel standpipe and screen.

After this was complete, I flushed the tank with water to remove the steel dust / filings, then evacuated the tank again with the MityVac. I then used the supplied gasket and gasket sealer to assemble the plate to the tank. Next, after application of Teflon tape to the threads, the valve is screwed into the plate. By great miracle, the valve became pretty tight at the correct orientation.  YOU MUST USE TEFLON TAPE, OR IT WILL LEAK.  TRUST ME.

I recommend that the valve be first screwed onto the plate, check tightness / orientation (the outlet nipple should be straight aft), then rotate the valve just enough to bolt on the plate to the tank, tighten the supplied chromed 6mm allen head bolts, then re-rotate the valve back to the correct nipple orientation. I then installed the new filter (it's a beauty), plugged in the new fuel line, installed the tank, added gas, and we be in bidness again.  {{Please note that the valve may have a tendency to rotate back and forth a little as you use the lever - this is a characteristic of NPT threads.  I complained to Pingle that they need to use straight cut threads and a thin lock nut to make it stay put.  Otherwise, it works just fine, just a minor annoyance}}

The new valve is beautiful (Pingel has several designs to choose from), is physically smaller than the old valve, is easier to manipulate even with heavy winter gloves, and is pure manual. Full forward is OFF, full aft is ON, and the middle is RESERVE. Unfortunately, there is no detent to better find RESERVE, but I quickly adapted. I now have over 12,000 miles on the installation.

Pingel gives me nothing for this description of their product and I paid full price. All the usual disclaimers apply. Todd was very helpful and patient, and he was appreciative of the diagram and photos. So now, Pingel has everything it needs on file for the Concours tank. Considering the quality as compared to the old, I believe the new valve is far superior and
better looking than the stock petcock. But another 154,000 miles will tell the true tale.

Article By: Mike Shelton

Original April 2002 

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