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I wanted to lower my Connie by 1". This is how I did it.

First I lowered the front end by loosening the triple tree clamping bolts & moving it down. Easy. For the rear. Some machining would be necessary & I would need to buy some components.

I bought :

4 Durbal rod-ends, ( 2 each RH. stock # BEF 16-20-501 and 2 each. LH. stock # BEF-16-20-502 )
2  RH & 2 LH lock nuts, 
2  20mm split collars,
2  5/8" shaft collars.
16mm rod-ends were selected because these were the largest that fit in the top bracket. I made all other parts from 4140 steel. All fasteners were secured with blue Locktite. So far it is a great improvement for me. Backing up the bike is so much easier, now that I can put more foot on the  ground. Cornering clearance is not a problem, since I don't use all that's available anyway.

Exploded view of all parts except for rod-end assembly.
Rod-ends fit between washers on top studs & outside the 20mm split collars on lower shaft. The split collars, center the lower shaft in the shock absorber link on the bike. Hex bolt is drilled through 1/8" for grease & tapped 6m for grease fitting.
Rod between rod-ends is 16mm, one end is RH thread & the other end is LH thread. A shaft collar is secured where the threads meet. This collar is drilled in 4 places (3/16") to fit a small rod to turn the height adjustment on the bike. Notice center stand is gone & kick stand still needs to be shortened 1".
This jig is to set height adjuster rod-ends accurately on the bench before installation. It is made of  3/16" x 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" steel angle iron & 2 5/8' x 1 1/2" shoulder bolts. I used 5/8" rather that 16mm because of the small difference in size (0.004") .This would make it easier to remove from the jig. Center to center distance is 7 9/16"
This is a modified jack to raise the bike for removal of the rear wheel, etc. It works, I picked up a nail in the rear tire & had to remove it for repair. The top U shaped bracket fits on the centerstand bolts that I reinstalled. Just position it & crank it up.
This is a (home made) drawing for all home made parts. I also have this drawing in original .dfx format it is much clearer, for anyone who wants it.

Article By: Norm Gregoire

August 2001 

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