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K&L Petcock Rebuild Kit

After all the talk about malfunctioning petcocks, I figured that it was cheap insurance to carry a K & L rebuild kit on the bike. Since I haven't installed it, I can't tell you much about that. But for the curious, here's what it looks like.
That white thing in the upper left is just a protective cover for the very thin rubber gaskets and metal thingy just down below it.

Maybe someone more knowledgeable than me will tell us what the various parts are for and why the replacement bolts are included.

Here's the parts diagram stolen from Buy Kawasaki. 

This should explain some of the parts.

Never one to be afraid to tear into his bike, here's what Jonathan Jensen said in Listserv digest # 4669. 

  • "Be sure that one piece of the diaphragm is on one side of the Square Plastic Thingy (tm) and one is on the other, otherwise you will leak gas out the breather hole (don't ask) in the SPT. Look at the original carefully and be careful when installing the new one so you do not rip it. The SPT is indexed to fit together two ways but it seems logical to put it back together so the breather opening is to the rear to keep dirt and water out."

And from Tom Maloney: 

  • "I just used the K&L kit, so I know about the bolts.  The big ones, along with the nylon washers, replace the bolts that hold the whole petcock assembly to the tank.  They are part number 92001 & 92002 in the diagram. The smaller screws hold the casing over the diaphragm, the back side of the assembly when you look at it from the switch side.  Part number 221 in the diagram.  I don't know why they only give you two since there are 4 used, but I just replace the grottiest two each time.  For me at least this is an every other year job so none of them are too old."

And, from Scott Ashbaugh:
"Tired of the thing? Tired of rebuilding it? Don't wanna spring 70+ for a shiny new mr. chrome pingel?
Take petcock off, plug vacuum line on bike. Remove 4 screws on petcock, take the spring:

|||||||||| Which is ~ this long

And make it this long:

Put petcock back together and bolt onto tank. Put piece of plugged hose on vacuum nipple.

Prime is on, any other position is off. 1 manual connie petcock.

Some say they are frugal, some of us really are.

Kudos Guy Young

COG # 6212"

Article By: David J. Morrow

Updated January 2005 

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