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Tire Chart



Radial /



Mileage (3)



see below
Dunlop D205 Radial 120/70 18
150/80 16
Z 12,000 $134
$ .0244 5 Dunlop K491 Bias 130/70HB 18




$ .0165 6 Dunlop K701F
Radial 120/70 18
150/80 16
  12,000 $95
$ .0198 7 Metzeler ME Z4
Radial 120/70 18
150/80 16
Z 10,000 $126
$ .0288 8 Metzeler ME880 Bias 130/70HB 18
H 15,000 $153
.0229 9


1) Only 1994 and newer sizes provided.

2) H-up to 130 mph,  V-up to 149 mph,  Z-over 149 mph

3) Estimated only; will vary depending on riding style and conditions

4) Prices have only been provided as shown in the 2001 Dennis Kirk catalog. These are not necessarily the best prices available but rather, by providing the prices from a single source, relative price between makes and model may help to choose the tire that suits your budget.

5) Dunlop D205

  • Just say that I will be using D205s as long as I have the Concours. Chuck Kampmiller, Oregon
  • The D205's on there now have a little over 10K on them & it doesn't look like they're gonna make another 2500 miles. :-( Prolly try the Metzler combo next. ) Dean Westermann, Michigan
6) Dunlop K491

7) Dunlop K701F / K700J

  • These are the stock tires from Kawasaki
  • On my '99', I got 14,2K outta the OEM K701 front & 14,8K outta the OEM rear. Dean Westermann, Michigan

8) Metzeler ME Z2 / ME Z4

  • Do you want my comments on Metzler? It wouldn't be fit to print. Only lasted about 5k miles and handled like s**t when I took them off.  May be a combination of Metzlers and Oregon roads though. Chuck Kampmiller, Oregon
  • Expect 10-12k front, 6-10k rear depending on riding style. The MEz4 is the best handling front tyre I've ever had on the ZG1000. Boomer, Jolly Olde.

9) Metzeler ME 880

  • I'm still trying to fully wear out a set (sliced a rear 880, finally replaced it after several thousand miles with a gummi-worm plug in place) but I really, really like them.  A decent compromise between wear and grip. Wet grip especially is much better than the Dunlop K491s ever had. I'm a convert.  :) Dale Horstman
  • Initial impressions: I rode up to VIR (Virginia International Raceway) to be a volunteer corner worker at a local track day. They are noticeably taller than the stock sizes.  Seat to ground seems to be about a half-inch farther away. These tires have a definite turn-in, similar to the D205's I replaced, but more linear.  The 205's were neutral straight up, then once you passed a certain lean angle, they strongly wanted to turn in.  The 880's are a linear progression, gradually wanting to turn more, as you lean more. I was a bit concerned about traction from the touring compound, but not any more.  During course familiarization on the south course, and a full-course tour at the lunch break, they were completely planted at a touring pace (up to lightly dragging pegs).  The larger size should also give a bit more cornering clearance. Ron Butterfield, Listserv 3823, July 23, 2002

Article By: David J. Morrow

August 2001 

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