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Replacement Horns

A post on the Listserv one day got my attention. It was something that I hadn't considered too much before. Horns. I always thought that the stock Concours horns were plenty loud. As I searched for more information, one web site said that stock horns for most bikes are 87 decibels. I'm not sure the exact decibel level of the Connie horns ( there are two of them.) The Fiamm horns that interested me were rated around 130 decibels. On first glance, that seemed to be a pretty good increase but I wasn't sure if the decibel scale was linear or not. Turns out it's not.

"What are decibels. We measure the loudness of sounds using the decibel scale. The scale has to cover a huge range of levels. The quietest sound that we can hear is given a value of 0 decibels (dB). A pin dropping measures 10 dB and a soft whisper measures 20 dB. A jet aircraft, at 130 dB, is the loudest sound that we can hear for a short period of time without pain. This sound is actually a million million times more powerful than a pin dropping. However, we can fit it onto the decibel scale because of the way that the scale works."

"How does the scale work. The power is multiplied by ten for each ten decibels on the scale. So by the time you go up by 40 decibels, the power has been multiplied by ten four times (10 x 10 x 10 x 10). So it is 10,000 times more powerful."

"Power, decibels, and loudness. A person talking measures about 50 dB. It is a reasonably comfortable level of sound. You might think that ten people talking would be ten times louder. However, if you think of your experience, this is not the case. Ten people talking (in a classroom, for example) is louder than one person, but it isn’t ten times louder. This is because of the way that your ear and brain pick up sounds and interpret them. As a rule of thumb, every ten decibel increase seems about twice as loud. However, this will vary from person to person and also depends on the pitch of a sound."

Looking at the wiring diagram on page 15-4 of the manual, it shows the horns as drawing 2.5 amps x 2 (total 5 amps)

From Jerry Holland:

"I mounted the Fiamm 135 db sound blaster. I could not get them to mount where the stock horns are because they are bigger. I mounted mine at the top of the radiator screen where the two bolts hold the screen. Take the screw and the u-clip off and get some stainless steel bolts and put through there.

I found some mini sound blaster for $19.95 at :

If this link doesn't take you to the horns go to the closeout
page and scroll down. The mini horns are 125 db and I think they will mount where the stock horns go.

I just took the existing horn wire and hooked them to the Fiamms and use it that way without running it through a relay. They are still pretty loud to me."

 Article By: David J. Morrow

Updated January 2005 

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