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Driving Light Mounts

COG Listserv Digest #2593 May 7, 2001

2 sets have been "beta" tested: one in the recent Waltz across Texas Rally and the other on my recent BBG to the Crawfish Boil in MS.

Here are some of my observations.

1.  The location is killer from the looks point of view.  My mounts were designed to handle the excellent, Hella FF-200 driving lights (5-3/4" diameter/width) or the PIAA # 5291/93 (6-1/2" diameter). I also considered using my PIAA 5162's (pencil beams) but I left them on the CBT mounts, in order to try the Hellas and compare the two sets of lights and locations.

 2. The ease of installation compared to mirror mounted brackets is easier. Also, the mounts do not shake, over bumps, as much as mirror mounted ones......this is especially important with pencil beam type lights.

3. These mounts cannot be utilized with the stock rubber wedges that are behind  the reflector, as the rubber is too soft.  I have manufactured molds, and cast replicas of the wedges. These wedges, and a generous backing plate inside the fairing, resulted in a sufficiently stiff mounting for the lights.

4.  If you use lights that are 5-3/4" to 6-1/2" diameter/width, the location of the lights is almost sure to cost you a new fairing if you drop the bike. Using one of the small diameter/width lights (2-1/2"-3-1/2"), which would place them inside the outer edge of the fairing, should be better.  Small diameter lights limit the area illuminated.  If you want to have extra lights mainly for a DRL (Daytime Running Light) application, and secondarily for nighttime fill-in, on back roads, these mounts are excellent with the smaller lights.  The separation from the headlight is good, as opposed to mounting the lights under the headlight, in which the extra illumination gets lost with the headlight beam.

5.  Mounting.  Upright and pendant mounting were tried in order to eliminate or minimize light "scatter".  All lights have scatter to some degree (especially the less expensive ones) and with the lights in the upright (highest) mounting location, scatter was clearly evident. The pendant position (hanging down) is best, but some light scatter is still there, but not nearly as much. Scatter with these mounts will be eliminated with some additional work on my part. In view of the above, a new setup has been made and is now in testing. Location of the lights is to either side of the headlight, up front.  No tip-over issues, no scatter and the larger sized lights are safe.  If this new item continues to test well, I will place it on my web page after the upcoming Tarbutt Rally.  Stay tuned.

For those of you thinking about additional lights in the reflector location, I will have these mounts available soon.

I hope this information will be of help for those thinking about additional lighting for their Concours. Thanks for the bandwidth.

Larry Buck

Article By: David J. Morrow

August 2001 

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