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Dash Light Replacement

Here's the detail on replacing your dash lights. Being a long drawn out job just to change a damn bulb, I would suggest either replacing all of them while you're in there.

Update: I don't believe that Murph sells this LED kit any more. But these are great instructions on how to change your dash bulbs. I completely agree, change them all while your at it.  - Slybones.

Here's the Murphskits Concours dash LED set.

The installation locations are as follows:




Oil warning Red Red
Turn indicators Yellow Green
Neutral indicator Green Green
Speedometer White White
Tachometer White White
High beam indicator White White
These are diodes and are therefore polarity sensitive. The + terminal of the LED must connect to the power terminal of the light socket. It won't hurt anything if you get them in backwards; they just won't work. Just turn them around. Murph says to look for the copper wire as it is the + side. They both look the same to me. If an LED doesn't light up, Murph says to make sure the wires on the LED are square with the base and parallel to the sides.

Start by removing the inner fairing panels. Two screws inside the pockets, and two screws on the lower panel outside.

I've been told that you don't have to remove these panels. Rather, just remove the screw that sits inside the pocket right near the hinge for the cover. If anyone can confirm this, would you please let me know.


Next remove the windshield. 

Note that four screws are shorter than the others. These are the two on the upper left and two on the upper right.

There's a single screw now accessible with the windshield removed. That comes out next.
That one screw will allow you to flip the plastic surround out of the way. Be careful. The clock wires are still attached so flip it back and slightly to the right. Don't worry, it won't go anywhere.
Just below the gauge cluster you'll find two 10mm bolts. Remove them next and your dash will come free.

You may want to remove the speedo cable now. It'll make the job much easier.

There's a bracket bolted to the back of the gauge cluster with three 10mm nuts. Remove them because two of the lights are right behind it.

Pop the rubber sockets out. Turn on the ignition and just partially insert your LED's. If they don't light, turn them 180 degrees. For the high beam, you'll have to just touch the starter to turn the headlight on. Once they're all in, test them all one more time.

And now for the part that I hate the most. Assembly is the reverse of the above.

Don't forget to reconnect the speedo cable. Don't ask. Arrgggg !!!

Total time, just over an hour.

Article By: David J. Morrow

Update January 2005

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