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Givi Wingracks

Here's some follow up from COG listserv Digest #4042 from Scott Ruffner in reply to a post by Bob

From: Scott Ruffner 
Subject: Re: GIVI's and the Connie grab rails

> BTW, both my Connies use Givi Wingracks, mounted to the bikes with Y127 universal fitting kits. It took some >experimenting, but I have no grab rail clearance problem; and I daresay my setup should be almost as solid as the >Happy Trails mount. I like the Happy Trails one-piece design (fewer pieces should mean a more rigid mount), but the >Wingracks have served me well for years; I see no good reason for me to change.

I too have the Wingrack w/ Universal kit.  I found that the "flop" factor from the rubber bushings in the rails on the sides of the bike was greater than I liked.  Presumably you want a little shock-absorption for the benefit of the plastic mounting slots on the cases themselves.  I would expect that the mounting slots on the cases (where the bosses from the
Wingrack or Happy trails rack "slide in") would have greater fatigue and stress if they were constantly subjected to the full shock.  I can't see any other reason for that rubber-engine-mount isolation deal on the rails that actually bolt to the bike subframe.

To cure the "flop" I went to a local machine/sheet metal shop, and had them bend me a "U" shaped piece of 1.25" steel bar stock which is bolted on each side to the inside (in by the wheel) of the wingrack, just where the universal kit pieces went.  Since there are no adjustable joints in this (unlike the universal kit pieces)  piece, the two racks become a single
semi-rigid unit.  As a bonus I relocated the helmet locks to this bar.

One problem I discovered on a longer trip last weekend with my wife is that her fingers are getting pinched (mashed) between the Givi handles and the grab bars when she tries to use the latter.  We just noticed this since I switched to a new leather Corbin seat, which is a good bit slipperier (is that really a word?) than the stock seat.  She kept slamming
into me every time I touched the brakes, largely because she was reading a book and not paying attention to the road.  I'm going to try to adjust for this.

I am still contemplating making the switch to the Happy Trails rack, and using the Wingrack and universal kit on my CBR600F, should I ever feel the desire to go packing with that bike.  However, I'm curious about the hand clearance factor before springing for the Happy Trails.  I would like to see how this works out, and perhaps see a picture.

> «I thought the obvious solution would be to remove the grab rail. However, I also have a Givi E-54 top box that I plan >to install and it looks to me like the grab rails are what extend into the tail section and are what the Connie luggage rack >(and therefore the Givi plate) mount to.»

> Assuming you're referring to the OE mini-rack and Givi E-128 top plate kit, there is no way the grab rails can interfere >with the top case. The top plate kit includes spacers under the actual top plate, raising the plate a good inch or so >above "the deck". This positions the top case above (and mostly behind) the grab rails.

OR, if you're planning on using the factory backrest, which does attach to the grab rails, and to attach the E128 to the factory backrest luggage rack, which is possible to do, then you'll have to keep the backrest and the grab rails.  I tried this setup briefly since my wife was unpersuaded the GIVI backrest would feel as supportive as the factory.  It is a clunky solution.  We now have the Givi backrest, and she reports is "feels" more supportive which means it supplies pressure further up her back, so she feels less likely to fall off the back (see reading while pillioning above).

There is definitely no need for any of the factory backrest setup using the E128 mounted were the minirack mounted, which is a MUCH stronger mounting scheme.

> Unless something's been really screwed up back there, no modifications
> will be necessary.

Yeah, like the whole tail of the bike is missing...I think you'd have to leave off the entire rear subframe to be missing the mini-rack/E128 mounting points (4 bolts directly into the subframe)!

Scott Ruffner

Article By: David J. Morrow

Original October 2002 

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