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Mini Onboard Compressor

This project is nothing new to most of you, but if it is, here's how I did it.
This one came from Canadian Tire with the "Pit Stop" label on the case. $15 Cdn ( about $10 U.S.). I found other web sites showing compressors with the same mechanicals inside, but different case and the Campbell Hausfeld label on it. The Campbell Hausfeld model didn't have the pressure gauge so I vote it to be even cheesier than this little bugger.
Three screws later and you can see just how much air you're packing around with the case on. Into the recycle bin with you damn it.

Assuming you're short on space and have a regular pressure gauge with you like most of us, cut the pressure gauge off flush so that you leave as much of the brass fitting behind as possible.

Put what's left of the fitting in a vice, slather some soldering flux on top and into the hole, heat it up with a propane torch and fill the hole with solder.

I put some Permatex Form-A-Gasket on the threads then screwed it back into the compressor.

Now it's even smaller and lighter.

I cut the electrical cord down to about 7 feet or so and will put a plug on the end to match my heated vest plug. Remember that the wire with the white tracer on it is the ground.

Get familiar with how the gears and the little crankshaft turn so you don't leave the end of your finger on the side of the road some dark and stormy night.

So, wrap it in a rag, stuff it in your fairing pocket, and hope the fateful day never comes when you have to take it out.

Article By: David J. Morrow

Updated January 2005 

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