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Audiovox CCS-100 Cruise Control

I read the article (link below) by George Barnes III before deciding to install the CCS-100 on my Concours. Rode several hundred miles now and it is just great when you have to travel on an Interstate or "slab" highways. My kids bought the unit for me as a Christmas present at Autozone for around $89.00. So far, the unit maintains my speed within one to two miles an hour going uphill or downhill. Keep in mind I live around Houston, TX and we have very small hills / over passes. Follow his great article for the basic install and set-up and everything will work fine. Page seems to have been removed. Check Murphs' CCS100 Cruise Control for install instructions.

However, pictures would have made a faster install and I also ended up modifying his procedure to fit my personal preference.

  1. I used the long "hangmen’s noose" wire on my install, as kit comes with a short and long one.
  2. Mounted servo and vacuum canister inside right lower side cover.
  3. Attached vacuum canister bracket to servo bracket and remaining servo hole to battery box via flat head screws inside the vertical channel in battery box. I had to trim top bracket of vacuum canister so it would miss frame rail…secured with Ty Wrap. Both units are very light weight and should not pose any weight problems.
  4. I only used vacuum source from two carbs versus George’s three. Just splice into vacuum line between #1 and #4 carb also that feeds EGR valve. So far…no problems.
  5. Fabricated a control head box out of 1/8 aluminum plate, mounted to the plugged left mirror hole and ran wires through some 3/8" wire loom down near coils.
  6. I installed cruise servo cable bracket and its’ associated chain on right side coil. You need a couple of washers under bracket so it does not hit coil when you tighten it up. These were ran inside one piece of milky white plastic tubing, down near bell crank, and one clear piece from cable housing outlet under coil bracket. The tubing allowed me to mount the cable bracket where I wanted it and ensure servo cables and chains did not catch on anything.
  7. Re-installing carb cable and new wire noose was a tasking job as George mentions. My salvation was a hack saw blade. The round barrel on the end of OEM throttle cable is approx. ¼" diameter. I drilled the end hole of a hacksaw blade the same size and really helped on installation. You can put one end of barrel through hacksaw blade hole and use blade to hold against carb bell crank while manipulating with bent screwdriver, brazing rod (George) or whatever will work for you…PATIENCE!!!
  8. The kit came with one fuse block for Cruise control head only. I modified this block so it would feed control head and servo unit. This way any shorts or problems on the complete assembly will be covered by one central fuse. I connected the large wire on furnished fuse block to ignition on power and then added / soldered a second wire to other side of fuse block to feed servo. You can open the provided fuse block by popping its’ two small tabs.

The pictures should make things a lot clearer and less typing for me. Please E mail if I can help in any way.

Good Luck,

Phil Martin – Houston, TX

Article By: Phil Martin

Updated January 2005

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