Connie Droppers Anonymous Program

Connie Droppers Anonymous, CDA, is a club within the club. If you have had the misfortune of dropping your bike while standing still or at a very slow speed, you're a Connie Dropper. COG listens to your sad story, and then assigned you a number, sealing your sad day in infamy.  Celebrate it proudly.

Drop definition:  List to be amended as needed.

  1. Bike must be either at a stop or, if moving, then moving at less than 5 mph (aka parking lot speed).
  2. Some part of the bike (besides the tires) must touch the ground OR the bike is damaged by hitting something on the way down.
  3. Concours and other Street Machines only.
  4. No crashes.
  5. COG members only - must have a COG # - one CDA# per person.