2022 National Routes

Ride some of the best bike routes in Arkansas. Located in the heart of The Ozark Mountains, Eureka Springs is a hub for the best motorcycle rides in the Natural State. Ribbons of highway curl around majestic bluffs and spill over hills revealing breathtaking scenery. Ride through the cool air of the woodlands on the famous Pig Trail. Race the wild, free-flowing Buffalo National River. Hear elk bugle in Boxley Valley and see bald eagle soar over Beaver Lake. This is just a small sampling of the riding opportunities around Eureka Springs.

The routes provided  are both 2012 routes and newly created routes for 2022. Every effort has been made to make these as accurate as possible but mistakes and variability between devices are always known to create issues.  Always be aware of your surroundings and situations and have appropriate plans to deal with changes.

Paper Route Sheets will not be available at the venue if you want paper copies please print your own before you arrive.

2012 Redux Routes GPX 2012 Redux Route Sheets

2022 Routes GPX 2022 Route Sheets